Group Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play an indispensable role in helping us further our mission. Their contributions are immeasurable, bringing invaluable support to our clients, their families, and caregivers.

CHM extends group volunteer opportunities to businesses, departments, organizations, clubs, teams, associations, and congregations—regardless of skill level. No prior construction experience is necessary. We provide comprehensive training on-site for all assigned projects.

Volunteering with CHM fosters teamwork and camaraderie in unexpected ways, offering a unique team-building experience. Through CHM, individuals not only develop personally but also as a cohesive unit. What sets CHM apart from other volunteer endeavors? The direct interaction with the clients they are serving, witnessing firsthand the impact on their lives. Download our Volunteer Brochure for more information about volunteering with CHM.

If you have a team and are interested in volunteering, please contact us. We typically have over 30 clients on our waiting list that need your help!


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