Healthy Homes Initiative

Chesapeake Housing Mission (CHM) was created with one purpose in mind. Our mission is to restore hope and dignity to low-income residents by repairing their homes as an expression of our love for our neighbors. 

In 2019, CHM entered into a 3 year study with TidalHealth and the 4 lower shore county health departments to measure the outcomes of our home repairs for our clients. Our research shows that we were able to reduce client falls by 87%, and have been able to drastically decrease hospital admissions and emergency department visits. This led to a 3 year healthcare savings of approximately $1.4 million translating to an amazing 220% savings for dollars invested!

We’ve impacted so many homes, lives, and neighbors, since our organization first started. But, the homes that we’ve been able to repair only represent 5% of poverty level single family homes in our area, which means we have a lot more work to do and a lot more of our neighbors need our help. By helping our neighbors live in healthy environments, we’re building a bright future for everyone that calls the lower eastern shore, home.

CLICK HERE to read to read the full Health Homes Intiative 3-year study report and the impact of our work.

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