Chesapeake Housing Mission is well into our 2019 season!  Please take a moment to view our project gallery and see our accomplishments.

6-1-2019 PRMC

PRMC builds a wheelchair ramp for Miss Jones in Wicomico County.

11/3/18 Grace Team

The Grace Team gives their time to repair Miss Prestina’s wheelchair ramp.

9/20/18 Antioch Angels

The Antioch Angels installs railings on the front and back steps of Ms. Brittingham’s home.

9/15/18 SU Freshman

Ms. McKinney gets a new wheelchair ramp courtesy of the SU Freshman volunteer team.

6/21/18 Bay Area CIL

This makes the 2nd project for the Bay Area CIL team.  Thank you so much for your participation and your support!  What a blessed day!

6/16/18 SU Cycling Club

The Salisbury University Cycling Club partners with CHM to build a wheelchair ramp for Miss Barbara in Princess Anne.

5/23/18 Hyatt

Thanks to the Hyatt team, Mr. Brittingham receives a wheelchair ramp.

5/16/18 Rosemont College

Ms. Zelda and the Christian Shelter in Salisbury benefit from Rosemont College’s hard work.

5/12/18 – St. Francis ASP Team

In preparation for their trip to Appalachia, the St. Francis ASP team builds a wheelchair ramp for a neighbor in Cambridge, MD..  

4/28/18 – SU Football Team

This year the Salisbury University Football team participated in two projects on 4/28. One project in Marion Station and one in Crisfield.  What a pleasure working with this fine group of young men!

4/28/18 – SU Volunteer Center

On 4/28, Mr. Hitchens received a wheelchair ramp courtesy of the SU Volunteer Center and CHM.  A big thank you to everyone that participated in this wonderful project!

2/17/18 Antioch Angels & Pocomoke Leaders

The Pocomoke community comes together to build a ramp for Mayor Bruce Morrison.  The Antioch Angels Corp, Pocomoke United Way, Fire Department, ROTC, Business Leaders, and Pocomoke City Government all give their time to support one of their own.

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